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The Algerian woman had always been an example of bravery, success, and resilience, history books all witness her achievements and courage in standing up for what she believes in.

From Hassiba Ben Bouali, Zohra Drif, and Lalla Fatma N’Soumer to Ahlam Mosteghanemi, Khadija Benguenna, and Miriam Merad, Algerian women have contributed in all fields and left their impressive spots through their honorable accomplishments, there is no doubt that women in Algeria have shown through all times what they’re capable of and continue to present. That is the purpose of our website: to showcase Algerian feminine strength to the rest of the globe, as well as our culture and history, and, most importantly, to give more exceptional talents the attention they deserve.

Do you want to share your story, an article, a novel, or your artwork? We have a multitude of forms for you to submit, so you can take part in building this safe place for women to speak up and talk about any topic we want.


One thing I know about bravery is that it begins with accepting vulnerability in order to proceed in life and that being strong implies overcoming one's fear of criticism, shame, or anxiety to help others. I also firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell, that may be a shining light that enlightens others' paths in life. So let’s empower each other by sharing our stories, giving advice, and imparting our life experiences.


Wouldn't it be fantastic to inspire people and share your expertise, ideas, and tricks? Trust me, it would be quite rewarding, so whether you are a notable student, an entrepreneur, or a housewife, this would be your little safe corner to tell us more about your journey, routine, education, or simply anything that pops up in your mind. We can't wait to hear from you!


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