8 Best Algerian YouTubers

Algeria is a country with a wealth of diverse talents and natural gifts. In this article, we will be showcasing some of the best Algerian YouTubers, who have made a name for themselves with their unique content and exceptional skills. These creators come from a variety of different categories, such as entertainment, education, and lifestyle, and their work is a testament to the incredible talent that can be found in Algeria. Whether you are looking for funny videos, informative tutorials, or inspiring stories, there is sure to be something for everyone among the talented Algerian YouTubers featured in this article.


Mourad Oudia

Are you looking for some entertainment, a little video maybe that can make you burst into laughs and giggles until your stomach hurts? then I advise you to turn to one of Mourad Oudia’s videos and just forget about everything else, I promise that your mood will definitely get uplifted.

Youcef Zarouta

Youcef Zarouta is another emerging comedy talent who likes to tackle political and social subjects, and just Algerian everyday life in a funny and sarcastic way, he’s also a TV host and a judge at the Sadeem show.


Omar Rahmoun

Omar Rahmoun’s channel is all about self-discipline and self-improvement, he’s kind of the guy next door that your mom would compare you to because he’s great at working out and studying. Omar really believes that self-discipline and following the teachings of Islam are the key to success which he encourages all Algerians to incorporate into their daily routine.

Miss influence

So this girl is my favorite and despite having a small number of subscribers this youtube channel is worth so much more, her videos are the little dose of motivation you kinda need every day to start hustling. Amel shares the little tips and tricks she learned through university, work, starting a business in Algeria, and also self-improvement techniques.


Professor Noureddine

Professor Noureddine's channel focuses on teaching secondary and middle school students Mathematics lessons and solving complicated exercises, his unique simplifying methods made him gain the attention of millions of students across Algeria.

فيزيك شرح الدروس

This one is another exceptional educational channel specializing in explaining essential physics lessons every student must learn, with above 623k subscribers this youtube channel succeeded in helping students from all over Algeria get better grades.


Oum Walid

The biggest youtube channel in Algeria specializes in cooking! Oum Walid gained the heart of Algerians especially women who wish to sharpen their cooking skills or simply wants to learn cooking in a simple and easy way.


Ziya Inspiration

So this Youtube channel is my mom’s favorite and I get why she likes it so much, Ziya shares her best cleaning, organization, and cooking techniques, and of course her luxurious lifestyle, so basically she teaches you how to be the ideal housewife.

These were my favorite Algerian youtube channels that I personally enjoy watching and learning something from each one of them, So definitely go check them out and I hope you like them. 

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