Algiers: A city that never gives up!

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Have you ever dreamt of visiting a city that abounds with a treasure trove of natural divine gifts? a city that combines a rich history with glamour? a city where each corner of its picturesque wonders tells a million stories ?

Then you must experience the charm of Algiers, the sense of the magical vibe when walking down its spectacular streets, the generosity of its people, the love in the air, the superb touristic spots, and its vibrant culture.

So here I am revealing the hidden beauty of Algiers that no one talks about and giving you a little imaginary tour in the heart of a magnificent city!

History of Algiers

Discovering any city begins with learning about its history, and Algiers has a lot to tell!

As you step downtown, you can tell that Algiers battled for freedom and dignity, and with every last blood drop of its martyrs, an unforgettable history was written.

The Phoenicians established Algiers as one of their many North African colonies. The Mauretanian ruler Firmus devastated the town in 373 CE, and the Vandals severely ruined it in the 5th century CE. Beginning in the 10th century, a series of Berber (Amazigh) kings resurrected it as a Mediterranean trade center.

Algiers was put under the control of the Ottoman Turkish corsair Barbarossa after expelling Spaniards from Algiers. Barbarossa’s activities established the city as a key base for Barbary pirates for the following 300 years.

Piracy from Algiers persisted until the city was seized by the French in 1830. Since then Algiers fought and battled for a deserved independence in 1962.

The people of Algiers

The locals of Algiers are extremely proud of their history and culture; and similar to all Algerians they exude generosity and politeness.

The people of Algiers are also known for their hospitality, so they’ll be very pleased to invite you and show you around.

In comparison to other Algerian cities, most people in Algiers are very fluent in French, they are more open-minded and contemporary, and you’ll notice that their culture is more westernized, but their love for the sounds of chaabi will never change.

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Best places to visit in Algiers

With its long list of monuments and superb attractions, you’ll never get enough of Algiers, so here’s an idea of some places you must visit when exploring the city:

Martyr’s memorial algiers

Martyr’s memorial

The most famous monument of Algiers, the Martyr’s memorial is a monument that honors martyrs' sacrifices to achieve freedom and to victoriously conquer independence. Don’t forget to take a tour of the museum beneath it, it will expand your history knowledge and tells you more about a city that never gives up.

The HammaTest Garden

The HammaTest Garden

This little heaven model will amaze you with its natural beauty and seduces you to discover more of its wonders. The garden was first established in 1832, with the aim of accumulating new plant species. It covers 35 hectares, including a 3-hectare arboretum. and as a result of its immensity and specific location in north Africa, it offers an extraordinary climate, suitable for numerous new species to adapt.

the casbah algiers

The Casbah

The casbah is one of the oldest districts of Algiers, and was considered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a “world cultural heritage” site in 1992. The city is divided into “High city” and “low city”, and as you walk through its twisted allies and tiny roads, you’ll get a sense of walking through the past, the little shops and the people will all give you unfading memories.

the algiers central post office

The Algiers Central Post Office

If you have an eye for magnificent architecture and admire the artwork of buildings designs, then you'll love visiting The Algiers Central Post Office. The Algiers Central Post Office is a postal service office building located on Boulevard Mohamed-Khemisti in Algiers. Architects Jules Voinot and Marius Toudoire designed it. and it was built in 1910. It is Algeria's largest post office building, and the state converted it into a museum in 2015

ketcheoua mosq algiers

Ketchaoua mosque

Your tour in Algiers wouldn't be complete without stopping by Ketchaoua mosque; the Ketchaoua Mosque was constructed during Ottoman rule in the 17th century and is located at the foot of Algiers' Casbah. The mosque is notable for its unique combination of Moorish and Byzantine styles.

our lady africa algiers

Our lady of Africa

Taking a moment to appreciate the fine art, and the beauty of combining Roman and Byzantine elements in one building is essential! Our lady of Africa is a famous Catholic basilica in Algiers, that is worth discovering.

Famous dishes of Algiers

rechta algiers


One of the famous dishes in the northern cities of Algeria and especially in Algiers, this traditional dish consists basically of homemade dough (made of durum wheat semolina, flour, and egg) cooked in white sauce and served with meat, vegetables, and broth. Once you try it you’ll certainly love it!

couscous algiers


The most famous and essential Algerian dish, it is the main serving of all special events such as El Mouloud, Achoura, and El Eid, it’s a dish that is also served on Fridays. this delicious dish is made of steamed semolina and is often served with a stew of meat and different vegetables such as carrots and zucchini.

Algier’s traditional sweets

Here’s a list of Algiers’s most famous sweets, it’s recommended to combine it with coffee or tea, so you can get a heavenly taste you’ll never forget:

dziriyat algiers


vanid algiers


mkhabez algiers


Arayech algiers


Mhancha algiers


Ghribya algiers


Traditional outfits of Algiers

traditional outfits algiers

El karakou: Algiers is famous for its traditional clothing, especially El karakou which is a women’s outfit that consists of a velvet jacket embroidered in gold and silver, worn with a traditional sarouel.

Male costume: The male costume is usually an ensemble of two velvet or satin waistcoats decorated with gold embroidery, known as bediîya: the first waistcoat, dakhlâniya (interior), closed by numerous trimmings, under the second waistcoat, barrâniya (exterior), which is rarely closed. a sarouel usually completes the outfit and is often made of grey wool.

Famous people from Algiers

Fun facts about Algiers


What are the best hotels in Algiers?

Some of the best hotels in Algiers are:

  • Holiday inn Algiers
  • Best Night
  • Hotel El Djazair
For bookings and more details visit their websites:

Is there an airport in Algiers?

Yes, and it’s called “Houari Boumediene” Airport

Is there a port in Algiers?

Yes, and it’s called ”DZALG”

Are there universities in Algiers?

Yes, here’s a list of Algiers universities:

  • National Polytechnic School
  • Higher National Agronomic School
  • University of Algiers 1
  • National Veterinary School of Algiers
  • University of Algiers 2
  • National School in Computer Science
  • Architecture and Urban Design Polytechnic National School
  • National School of Management
  • Algiers School of Business Studies
  • National School of Journalism and Information Sciences
  • National School of Political Sciences
  • Graduate School of Business
  • National School of Marine Science and Coastal Planning
  • National School of Public Works
  • National School of Public Administration
  • National School of Statistics and Applied Economics
  • School of Magistracy

Are there beaches in Algiers?

Yes, here’s our recommendation:

  • Carob Beach
  • Golden sand beach
  • Sidi Farag beach
  • Blue
  • Palm Beach

How is the weather in Algiers?

Algiers has a Mediterranean climate, summers in Algiers are humid, dry, and mainly clear, while winters are chilly, windy, and partially overcast. Throughout the year, the temperature normally ranges from 42°F to 86°F, with temperatures seldom falling below 35°F or rising over 92°F. The greatest time of year to visit Algiers is from late June to early September.

What is the time zone in Algiers?

The Time zone in Algiers is Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)

What is the zip code of Algiers?

Algiers’ zip code is 16000.

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