How to order a Visa card in Algeria

Shopping online is Fun! I mean isn’t it great to compare the infinite choices in the many online stores out there comfortably at home and then buy everything you wish for with just one click? No wonder online shopping has become so popular nowadays! so if you still didn’t join the online shopper’s gang, then you’re missing a lot, my friend!

One of the struggles Algerians face when deciding to shop online is choosing the most convenient payment method, and here comes my job to clear up any confusion!

The Right Bank to order a visa card

Choosing the right bank is important! because it can save you alot of money, and comparing the options Algerians have in terms of requirements and fees as well as the annual subscription, you’ll find that the best option you have is to deal with Paysera bank.

In the following section, I will show you how to create a Paysera bank account and how to order a visa card.

Opening Paysera bank account

Let’s focus and start the procedures together: 

  1. First of all install the Paysera bank application on your phone using this link :
  2. Enter your phone number then on continue
  3. Chose a safe password then Sign up
  4. Enter the verification code that you received
  5. Set up an easy to remember pin code to secure your application
  6. in order to complete your account details click on identity documents after that press Verify now, fill in your email address then on continue after that continue the email confirmation process.
    • Passport
    • National ID card
    • residence permit
  7. Now that you’ve validated your email address, it’s time to authenticate your identification, so click on verify now and select one of three options:
  8. Take a clear picture of your chosen identity document
  9. Charge your account with at least 10 euros

Ordering Paysera Visa Card

  1. Select Cards
  2. Click the large plus symbol (+).
  3. Enter your European address details (street number, zip code, city, country)

Get your European relatives to assist you, or contact a reputable Algerian Facebook page to do it for you, you can also utilize the Algerian application: monetary and electronic services (خدمات مالية وإلكترونية)

I covered all of the essential processes and recommendations for opening a bank account and buying a Visa card in this post, and I hope you found it useful!

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