Online shopping in Algeria, it is possible!

Are you tired of writing thousands of wishlists? and saving infinite images of cute clothes, shoes, and beauty products you dream of owning one day?

I do understand the struggle, I know that you don’t always find exactly what you’re looking for in the Algerian market, And that’s why online shopping can be one of the most efficient solutions and greatest inventions to afford everything you wish for!

You can definitely know that shopping online is suitable for you if you’re someone that easily gets dizzy and disturbed like me when comparing so many products, options, and prices in crowded stores. Online shopping can save you a lot of time and it is perfect to help you get the best deal possible.

So here I am sharing with you everything I know about online shopping.

Online shopping websites

The best online shopping websites for Algerians are DHgate and gearbest but the finest of them all in terms of convenience is Aliexpress, which I always recommend. 

I’ll be citing for you an amazing method to shop safely, tips for choosing the right product and store, and the most suitable shipping service in Aliexpress for Algerians.

1-Signing up for an account

The first step to shop from Aliexpress is to sign up for an account, and for that, you need to download the application from the play store on your phone and then execute the following steps:

  • Open the app
  • Click on the account then settings
  • Enter your email address then complete the security test
  • Login into your email then click on the confirmation link
  • Select a password then click Confirm
  • Complete your account settings by choosing a picture, entering your birthday but most importantly set your home address: make sure to add your details such as last name and first name, your phone number, your home address(including street number and door number), then choose your country, Wilaya, city, zip code, and your preferred currency and language.

2-Choosing the right product

So here comes the fun part: Shopping! well, it’s not always fun because oftentimes you should be cautious and smart enough to get good quality products at an affordable price and not get disappointed when receiving your purchase orders

  • Start by searching for the product by typing its name in the search box, if you don’t know what it’s called, you can use its image to get similar products.
  •  Filter the results and then choose the store with the best reviews and ratings (the higher rating is, the better),
  • Check also for the number of orders and the comments of the customers; these are all good indicators that the product is worth buying.


After purchasing your order through your Visa card or WebMoney. If you don’t have a visa card you can check my guide here.


It’s time to choose the convenient shipping company, if you wish for a rapid delivery service the best option for you is either DHL or FedEx, if you’re not so rushed you can choose other delivery services, the best options for Algerians is Singapore post or Aliexpress standard shipping.

The aim of this article is to help you shop online with ease, and I hope after reading it you’d be able to purchase your favorite products online with no struggles.

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